Sunday, September 26, 2010

Religion and Frugality

I've had some interesting discussions the past few days about religion and frugality. I do prefer to keep my religious beliefs off my blog, aside for some very general things. However, I did want to throw out a question to you readers, because, frankly, I'm curious to see how you'll respond.

If you're a believer in God or some Higher Power or whoever, how do you connect your belief in that Being with frugality?
The reason why I am especially curious is because someone told me that they think being frugal is trying to "outsmart God", that He gives you a set amount of money, and by being frugal, you are just showing a lack of faith.

I happen to extremely disagree with that sentiment, as you might have guessed, being as I have no qualms about being frugal and try to encourage others to adopt such a lifestyle.

What say you? Do you think frugality is a lack of faith or something that meshes terrifically with your religious beliefs? If you don't have any religious beliefs, you can definitely mention how that affects your spending as well.

Please remember that I keep the specific details of my religious beliefs off my blog, so if you are privy to those details, I ask that you keep that information to yourself and not give it away in your comments. Thanks in advance for respecting my privacy!

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