Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cute DIY Baby Clothes You Can Make At Home

If you love to sew, and love fashion, consider making your own homemade baby clothes. These can be pretty cheap to make, especially if you repurpose old clothing for them, and you're sure to have the cutest baby on the block. Here's some great ideas from a reader.

What is cuter and more loving than to sew your baby’s apparel yourself? With a little help from online sources, you can do anything yourself, including adopting a new hobby of sewing. All that you need to start designing and sewing your baby’s clothes are the most basic sewing skills, the desired clothes patterns, and a sewing machine.

You could be overwhelmed by the number of sewing machines you can find on the market. But no matter what your sewing level may be, the Tool Report compares different brands to help you find a suitable model and make the best purchase for your needs. Whether it’s a mechanical, electronic, or a computerized sewing machine, they are nowadays packed with different features, coming with various motor sizes and weights.

Here are some adorable DIY clothes you can make at home:

Faux Vest Onesie

On a plain white everyday onesie, you can create a faux vest in grey or black on the front side, and make two to three interchangeable bows you can attach with a pin. Or, add a gentlemanly touch with a classy bow tie bib, in whatever color and pattern that suits your baby’s faux vest.


Bibs always get stained even immediately after washing. You can create your own by picking the best fabric, or a pattern to camouflage stains. There are different shapes and types, ranging from a normal bib to a bapron that covers up babies’ clothes at the front. These bib-aprons are especially recommended for older babies from 6 months up to 3 years old when they start learning to eat on their own. You will need to know how to sew a bias tape to make good bibs, which you will find in most DIY bib tutorials.

New Bandana Bib

Sometimes bibs are not the most stylish choice when you’re going out with your baby. Since you are free to sew whatever would look nice on your kid, you can create a new, cool bandana bib; it will look fresh and awesome on your baby boy or girl. You can pick a patterned fabric that will fit their outing clothes to make a true fashion statement.

Boho Baby Romper

Those boho rompers look sweet on any baby. If you find a pattern that includes snaps in the crotch area, that will be the best, so you can easily change diapers. They are very comfortable for babies, and you can add some lace or a headband for girls.


The idea of a baby girl wearing a skirt is already flattering! But since you can sew clothes, you can make matching skirts for your toddler and yourself. Use an elastic waistband for those skirts and add some nice lace edging at the bottom; it will transform it from a simple skirt into an awesome one.

Summer Dress

When you start sewing at home, sundress is a must. It is super simple and adorable. Find patterns with elastic straps; they are much more convenient for your little baby’s shoulders.

Baby Dress Coat

If you couldn’t find the perfect one in stores, you can do it yourself and keep your baby warm and cozy all winter. Choose a kind of wool for the outer fabric, fleece for the inner surface, and buy huge buttons for the top of the coat. That lovely flair will take your breath away whenever your baby puts the coat on.

Boho Leggings

In 20 minutes and by using an old shirt, you can create the coolest boho leggings for your baby. The shirt will do the trick, as its hem will work as the hem of the legs, so less sewing, and more practical clothes! Add two safe little knee pads in leather, and your baby will look unbelievably cute and cool.

Shark Hoodie

Besides the cute skirts and dresses for girls, there are some adorable ideas for your baby boy too. Imagine how funny a shark hoodie would look on that cute little face. To make this at home, choose a grey or blue hoodie, and sew cutouts of triangular felt on top of it.

Mermaid Gown

It’s not easy to find the right costume for a newborn’s first photographs, especially if the family wants a specific theme. You can find a pattern online—like a tiny mermaid gown—and sew it in a day. This way, you will have the cutest memory forever.

Whether you can’t find the style you want for your baby, or clothes are getting expensive, or you are just sewing to show your love, it is definitely an enjoyable activity to make little clothes for your loved ones. So do your research, find the right patterns, and start sewing!

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