Frugal Housekeeping

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Living in a house results in a constant battle against mess. Housekeeping is something that must be tackled in every household. Learn frugal tips and tricks for this necessary task.

Cleaning Help- Want or Need? I reckon its a want, but some might disagree. 
Learning to Like Housework If the reason you're spending money on cleaning help is because you strongly dislike cleaning, learn how to like housework by reading these tips and tricks.
Getting Kids to Enjoy Housework Once your kids like housework, you'll have saved yourself a lot of work.

Making Laundry into a Game Laundry can be great fun for kids!
Laundering Correctly Saves a Wardrobe Follow these laundry tips to make your clothes last longer.
Cheap Stain Fighting Once you see a stain, use these thrifty techniques to remove them easily.
Tumble Drying- Want or Need? A want, definitely. Read why.
Line Drying Save your money and your clothes by hanging your clothes to dry.
"Dry Cleaning" at Home Instead of bringing your clothing to be professionally cleaned, try these tricks to do it yourself at home and save that cash for a better use.

Homemade Furniture Polish So simple you'll never buy polish again!
Cheap Cleaning Products What cleaning products do you use? Use these few products in a variety of ways to get the clean but still stay in the budget.

Recycled Sponge Alternative A great craft to make free sponges.
Vegetable Net Sponges Another great, free, sponge alternative.
Dish Washing Cheaply Do you know the thrifty way to wash dishes?


  1. I agree that a cleaning service is somewhat of a luxury. I usually only hire once or twice a year for a deep cleaning.

  2. There is something about fresh sheets and a clean house that really put me in a positive mood.

  3. Although I would love a cleaning, it is not in our budget. I get satisfaction once I have completed the cleaning and a job well done so that keeps me motivated to keep on cleaning. Thanks!!


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