Babies- how cute!

My husband's dream would be to live on a farm and raise animals. As living on one is not in budget right now, we've tried to make our little apartment and tiny yard reminiscent of a farm to satiates my husband's appetite for animals and crops.
At the start of the summer we bought two rabbits, male and female, coined Dusty and Heather. As I have a playgroup in my house, I figured that rabbits would entertain the children in addition to amusing my husband. I figured that one day the rabbits would have babies and we'd sell the bunnies to pet stores or neighboring children to make a profit off of these animals.

Summer turned to winter, winter turned to spring. No bunnies. To top it off, our rabbits gnawed through their cage and escaped and ate up whatever plants we were trying to grow in our garden (swiss chard, tomatoes, passion fruit) and burrowed under what was to be the start of a square foot garden. This killed our hopes of gardening as the seedlings we had in our kitchen would not survive the attack of the rabbits.
I implored my husband to get rid of the rabbits, as they were just more and more work and costing us money yet not giving us anything in return.

Today we were looking out our window and saw a surprise. A little light brown bunny chilling with mama bunny. As we were so excited about our little rabbit, we saw a black rabbit dart across the yard. My husband and I turned to each other and smiled. Two bunny rabbits! Then we saw a flash of white. And another streak of black.  And another streak of white!
Five little bunny rabbits!
We plan on contacting pet stores and putting up advertisements to sell our new rabbits.
They are too cute!

By the time I got around to snapping a picture, it was already dark outside.

Here is one rabbit, peeking out of the burrow under the square foot garden.

We named him/her/it (we still have to sex the rabbits) Lightning.

I'll try to get more pictures of our new rabbits tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be able to start making money from these rabbits soon!

In the near future, I'll write up a post about raising rabbits cheaply.

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