Cloth diapers- just too cute to resist!

Once upon a time I thought people only had babies at home when labor happened too quickly and they couldn't make it to the hospital in time.
Once upon a time I thought the only people who used whole wheat instead of white flour and honey and brown sugar instead of white sugar were remnants of the Flower Child movement.
Once upon a time I would look at pictures of babies in their cloth diapers and think “How quaint” and then at the same time thought “Thank God I live in the days that we actually have modern conveniences.”
Once upon a time I was taught that menstrual cycles were referred to as being “on the rag” because, once upon a time, females actually used rags/cloths instead of disposable pads and tampons when they had their period.

Well, that was once upon a time before I discovered the internet, and with it, natural parenting.
I learned about healthy lifestyle habits, self sufficiency, ceasing the consumerism mentality and tried to adapt those ideas and incorporate them into my life. And yes, I even started cloth diapering.

I wouldn't have been sold on the idea of cloth diapering if I hadn't seen the cutest little cloth diapers ever! I mean, how can you not want to put something as cute as a Kushie on your baby's cute little tushie? The cloth diapers of today are nothing like the cloth diapers of yesteryear that you see in pictures of your parents and grandparents as babies.

After reveling in the “Oh-so-cuteness” of today's cloth diapers diapers, my friend sat me down and explained to me how financially beneficial it is to switch to cloth. No need to constantly buy new disposable diapers- you'll always have diapers waiting at home for you. Instead of the thousands of dollars people spend on each kid in disposable diapers for a few years, with cloth diapers there is a one time low fee, and for that same price, those diapers can be reused over and over for future kids.

Though when I was younger, cloth diapering wasn't even a blip on my radar screen, now I'm very happy to say that I am successfully cloth diapering my second kid.
Posts on the pluses and minuses of the various types of diapers, and the benefits of cloth diapering in general will follow in a future post.

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