Meals on the go- Stuffed Tortillas I

(This is part of my "Meals-on-the-go" series.)

This morning I awoke to the delicious smell of beans cooking. I had sprouted beans a few days ago and last night put them in my crock pot and then went to sleep.

Today I made tortillas, stuffed and rolled up like an eggroll. This is the perfect food to take along on a trip as it requires no fork and knife.

First I made homemade tortillas.

I tried first dry frying them but they fell apart when I tried to roll them, so I decided to leave them raw and cook them only once stuffed.

I cut up a chicken breast into bite sized chunks and then sauted them in a frying pan with chili powder.

I then sauted some onions in the frying pan, then added the beans that had cooked all night long in the crock pot. Usually you need to mash the beans up a drop when preparing the beans and onions to make refried beans, but I accidentally overcooked my beans in the crock pot as it was my first time trying to cook beans in my crock pot. Add some salt to the bean and onion mixture and you're done.

Slice up an avocado and wash some lettuce, and take out your salsa that you made already.

Put your rolled tortilla on a plate and put in its center: a few lettuce leaves, refried beans, chicken peices, salsa, and a few slices of avocado.

Roll up the tortilla the way that you would roll an eggroll. If you don't know how to do that, the way you do that is by folding the sides on to the filling and then rolling from the bottom up to the top.

Once rolled, put it in a dry frying pan on a high heat. You want it high enough to cook the outside but keep the inside uncooked, as you have avocado and lettuce inside that you want raw.
Keep the tortilla on the heat until the side touching the frying pan is golden brown. Turn it over a quarter turn and fry until it is golden brown on that side. Repeat on all four sides. When all the sides are golden, stand it upright on the uncooked end on the skillet. You may need a hot mitt to do this. When that side is cooked, flip it over and cook it on the other end.

When the tortilla is fully cooked, wrap it in either  aluminum foil or wax paper. You want it to hold the tortilla together because you will be eating this on the go. You don't want anything dripping.
The way I wrapped the tortillas was in two parts- first leaving one end uncovered but covering everything else. This will be left on even while eating to stop drips. On top of that, put another piece of aluminum foil or wax paper to cover the whole thing to keep it clean while traveling.

Bon apetit!

Do you ever make tortillas? Do you wrap them before or after cooking the tortillas? What do you put in your tortillas?

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