My CD Stash

Here is a pretty good look at my cloth diaper stash. Many are not in the picture because they're in the laundry, but this is the basic idea of what I have.

This is the basic stash. I didn't put in repeats.

These are wool pants to use in place of a diaper cover. When lanolized (sprayed with lanolin), they both absorb water and stop wetness from getting onto outer layers of clothing. This was a gift from a commenter on this blog. My friend, Rodent (R for short), mailed me all this and much else of my cloth diapering supplies from far away Australia.
Oh, and that white rectangle in the upper right hand corner? That's a diaper stuffer, meant to give extra absorbency to a diaper. I bought that from

Here's a close up of the middle section of the first pic.
In the top row, left to right, there is an overnight, ultra absorbent fitted diaper, unknown brand. Gift from R. Next to it is a Baby Beehinds brand hemp overnight fitted diaper. Next to that is a wool cover, Baby Beehinds brand. I also have a fleece and hemp overnight diaper of an unknown brand that is in the wash. All from R, again.
Next row are 4 pocket diapers. The two ones at the left were sewn by R, and the two pockets at the right are Fuzzibunz, also from R. I have one more pocket diaper, not shown, currently in the wash.
Next row- on either of the two sides are PUL diaper covers sewn for me by Rodent, and the one in the middle is the only one of the lot that I actually bought (from Its a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in size medium. I have 4 in this size, 4 in size small, and 4 in size newborn. (I plan on having a local seamstress sew me some larger wraps, because my 4 month old is already wearing the largest size whisper wrap.) I have another PUL diaper in the wash, with a mickey mouse design, also made by R.
On the bottom row are two fitted diapers, one koala, one Wiggles, sewn by my friend.

Here is a close up of my unbleached Chinese pre-fold. My larger ones. Bought from

And last but not least, here's a picture of a wool soaker on my baby's cute little tushy! (Gift from Rodent as well.)

All the wool products, including the wool pants, cover, and soaker are paired up with my overnight diapers. They help ensure that my baby's clothes don't get too wet at night.

I love my cloth diapering stash! And most of it was a gift from my friend. They are just too cute to resist. So much cuter even than a Huggies or a Pampers diaper.

For those who are interested in cloth diapering but just don't have the cash to lay out for this, there is an organization called Miracle Diapers that helps needy families by loaning them cloth diapers. I qualified but was concerned about being able to return the diapers because I am overseas. If you think you this organization can benefit you or someone you know, contact them through their website,

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