No wait- don't throw that out yet! Making soup from nothing.

I have a big issue watching food go to waste. Maybe because of a past life of growing up starving in Bangladesh. (Just kidding.) Whenever I see usable food going in the dumpster, I start getting so annoyed.
But some foods just aren't usable. Or so I thought.
That's why I started my “No wait- don't throw that out yet” series. To help other people from wasting edible food.

One of my readers shared a suggestion with me; I tried it last night and it was great!

Veggie Scrap Soup

Ever see a recipe calling for vegetable stock? I would have conniptions making a vegetable stock and tossing all the soup veggies because they're unnecessary for the recipe, but no one really eats vegetables that were boiled to death in my house.
When you're preparing vegetables, peeling carrots and cutting off the ends, peeling turnips, cutting off the ends of onions, peeling potatoes, peeling sweet potatoes, etc... what do you do with all the scraps?

You've heard the story “Stone Soup”? I loved that story about making a tasty soup out of nothing. So here we have Veggie Scrap Soup- making soup stock out of food you would otherwise toss.
Yes, when I first heard it I thought it was really funny. Vegetable scraps? I tried it though and it came out great.

Any vegetable that you would usually put in vegetable soup, scrub really well and then put all the peels and ends in a pot. Cover with water and boil to death. Strain through a cheesecloth. Use the broth in any recipe that calls for vegetable stock.

I made my scrap soup out of kohlrabi peels and ends, carrot peels and ends, onion ends, green pepper scraps and potato peels.
I'm using it in my buckwheat recipe for tonight's supper.

Tune in next time for an episode of Chicken Scrap Soup.

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