On my counter

Two views of what is taking place on my counter now.

Back row, left to right:
Saeurkraut, in the middle of fermenting
Lacto-fermented salsa
Lacto-fermented pickles
Beans in the process of sprouting
Hyssop infusing in oil for a chest rub to help deal with coughs
Rose and lavender bath oil, in the process of being infused
Alfalfa sprouts, ready

3 colonies of lacto-bacillus bacteria and probiotics growing on my counter, 2 plants growing on my counter, and 2 oils seeping the goodness out of some plant matter.

I truly love glass jars. Mason jars are the best, but old honey and pickle jars are also really great.

I plan on doing a kitchen tour for you to see all the wonderful ways in which I use these glass jars. I bought them all in one day. Imagine pushing a stroller with a kid in it for 2 miles, while carrying about 10 of these large mason jars. Fun times.

Do you use any glass jars? What are in yours?
And more importantly, any processes going on on your counter right now?

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