Nursing babies and hospital stays

Can anyone tell me why a hospital isnt willing to provide food for the mom of an exclusively breastfed infant? These hospitals are willing to pay for formula for a bottle fed baby, food for a baby on solids, but when a baby's sole nutrition is mom, they're not willing to give mom a little food so she can nourish her baby?
 Being an exclusively nursing mom, I can't leave my son's side for more than a few minutes, can't have someone take over for me, so i'm stuck with the option of buying really overpriced hospital cafeteria food or starving.
Even WIC, the government program designed to help nourish young children so they can develop properly realizes the importance in nourishing the nursing mother so she can nourish her babe.
Why can't the hospital use the same money they'd get from the insurance companies anyhow to pay for solids or formula and let moms of nursing babies have something to fil their bellies. Come on...

And an update on Spike:
It looks like we'll be here 5-6 days. Seems de ja vus because i did the same thing nearly with Lee when he was 4 months old. Low oxygen, steroids, throwing up, coughing, respiratory infection, no fun.
Spike HATES nebulizers. He hates nose tubes of oxygen even more!

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