This is Your Brain in Love- a book review

I am a member of Booksneeze, a program in which bloggers get free book in exchange for an unbiased review. I am an avid reader and do not have access to an English language public library, which has resulted in my spending money on books. Not so frugal.  suggest that all bloggers join book review programs- why spend unneccessary money on books if you can get books for free in exchange for a review?  On occasion, I will be posting book reviews on my blog, hopefully ones that will educate, inform, and better the life of my readers.

On that note, the first book I received from the Booksneeze program was a book that truly has bettered my life. I mentioned in this post that I feel that marriage betterment is a frugal investment, as marital counseling, books on marriage, and an other mariage building techniques are exponentially cheaper than divorce. Additionally, when people are happy (in their marriage, and consequently, in their life), they have the headspace to save money in many ways.

This is Your Brain in Love, by Dr Earl Henslin
I'll admit, this title threw me off a little bit at first. I assumed it would be some scientific, technical book about brain wiring, something that might be a drop interesting, but of little practical use. How wrong I was. I picked up this book from my post office box, and my whole walk home, I had my nose buried in the book, it was so captivating. Dr Henslin sucked me in, right from the very first page, moving me to tears at certain parts of the book, making me laugh at others, and making me not wanting to put this book down. I was a little disappointed when I finished it; I kept hoping there would be more pages to read!

The premise of Dr Henslin in this book is that people need to bring their best brains into marriage. People may try to work on their marriage, but if their brain isn't working as it should, it'll hinder the growth in their marriage. Some of the issues Dr Henslin spoke about were people with ADD brains, overfocused, highly critical brains, depressive brains, hot headed and temperamental brains, and overly anxious brains. As I read about each "brain issue" that affects marriage and relationships
in general, I felt that the book was describing certain people in my life and could be of use to so many different people.
I was expecting this book to just describe problems but give no solutions, or give one track minded solutions. However, this book has so many different solutions to each problem, that I am certain everyone will find a solution that appeals to them. Dr Henslin has suggestions for medication, supplements, and dietary changes as well as practical, goal oriented tips. As someone with ADD brain, I've been trying to implement the useful suggestions to help deal with my underlying brain issues and help improve my marriage.

I enjoyed this book so much that I am tempted to go read Dr Henslins other book, This is your Brain on Joy. Have you read either of these two books?  What were your thoughts on these books?

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