A Little More About Me

So... you come on to my site, because you've got a message that there is a new post here. But you're not seeing anything.
No wait- don't run away just yet! I've still got new stuff for you to read, its just not in blog post form.

See that new addition on my sidebar? I added a little "Meet the Family" thingie over there. Pictures courtesy of Meez.com. (If anyone has any websites for me to make 3D or otherwise avatars of my baby and toddler, I'd love to give you a taste of what my two boys look like.)
Now you have a rough idea of what myself and my husband look like, in addition to knowing a bit more about the Penniless family. (Sorry. After some cyberstalker issues other bloggers had, I'm not in such a rush to put up a real picture. But these are close though.)

Want to learn more about me?
I just was interviewed by the commenter Hannah. The interview is posted over on her site, CookingManager.com. Head over there to learn a bit more about my cooking style and how its changed throughout the years.

Has anyone else made a Meez? Got a link?

Penniless Parenting

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