Vegetable Net Sponges

A lot of stuff is going on in my life now, so I'll hope my readers forgive me if I make some posts that are short and sweet, as opposed to long, rambling, soliloquies.

Not so long ago, I posted instructions to make your own homemade plarn dish scrubbies. My sister called me up after seeing that post and told me "Penny, why are you making so much work for yourself? You want to upcycle something that would  otherwise be tossed instead of paying for sponges, fine! But why waste time crocheting something like that when you probably have something sitting around your house that works just fine as a sponge replacement?"
My sister pointed out that the nettings that certain produce comes in makes pretty decent scrubbers when scrunched up. No sewing or crocheting involved. You just need some netting and scissors to cut it to size.

In my refrigerator house right now, I've got netting from avocados, potatoes, and oranges. I was saving them for projects to do with the children I watch, but hey, they also make great sponges.
Thanks for the tip, sister!

(For those with keen eyes, yes, she also commented on my last post with this same suggestion.)

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