Bargaining- the Do's and Don'ts.

We'll be moving to a new home on Sunday, hopefully. There isn't really much extra cash with which to be paying movers. I managed to get a very low price for this service by giving the company an offer that gave us  both the better end of the deal. Bargaining helped me end up with this very reasonable fee.

Dos and Don'ts of Bargaining

Do see if you can get a lower price than the stated one.
Do not be rude while doing so.
Do remember that the seller also needs to make a living,  just as much as you would like to be saving.
Do not pressure the seller to give in to your offered price.
Do state firmly that you're only willing to pay x amount. If he wants the sale, he'll give it to you for that price; if he'd rather wait for a better offer, leave him be.
Do not diss the merchandise. Alluding that it is of inferior quality does not endear you to the seller and make him more likely to give you a good deal.
Do come informed about the going rate for the desired product, so you know whether something is overpriced or a good deal.
Do not grossly exaggerate- "Why, I've seen this same exact piece being sold for one third of the price that you're asking."
Do feel free to tell small white lies- that instead of the $100 asking price, you've seen it for $75, when you've really only seen it for $80.
Do not try to haggle in high end department stores like Lord and Taylors.
Do try to bargain down small business owners (like Mom and Pops), insurance fees, and rates for various services. (Car repair, doulas, and cell phones rates come to mind.)
Do not buy things that you cannot afford if the seller is not willing to lower the price.
Do suggest that you pay less but get only a partial package. If the regular price includes delivery and assembly, perhaps you can deliver and assemble it yourself and pay less total.
Do not get uppity when the merchant states that he is only willing to  sell the complete package.

Do enjoy the bargaining process- view it as a fun challenge.
Do not be a sore sport; expect to win some and lose some, and be graceful about it.

Do you ever bargain with merchants? Any dos and don'ts to add to my list?

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