Bathing Babies Without A Baby Bath

Walking into will have you thinking that without the latest and the greatest in accessories, your babe will be lacking so much. You'd think that each child must come into the world with a fully stocked nursery including a bassinet, full size crib, portacrib, changing table, armoire, carriage, umbrella stroller, travel system, baby jogger, baby carrier, bibs, baby spoons, a full set of bottles, sterilizers, bottle warmers, formula dispensers, pacifiers, pacifier clips, pacifier cases, diaper bags, expensive diapers, bouncy seats, baby gyms, teething toys, rattles, car seats, spit up cloths, receiving blankets, fuzzy blankets, matching bed sets including bumpers, sheets, rugs, and blankets, a full set of all the latest and greatest baby clothes, baby bath tubs, bath toys, bath stands, ring seats, baby bath towels etc... to name but a small selection of all these baby "needs".

I've enumerated before, but I've barely spent a thing on my children, and I don't think they're lacking because of it. My boys have everything they need, plus quite a few stuff that they want. Too much, in fact, that we're getting rid of many of our baby things in addition to all the clothes we're purging. Too many things that just take up room but don't even  get used.

We're giving away our baby bath tub. This accessory sits in our laundry room, taking up room yet never used, because I really have no need for it.

Bathing Babies Without a Baby Bath

Use the sink. Newborns can be washed in the sink, either by filling up a plugged sink, or by holding the baby under the running water. The latter uses less water and is the more frugal choice, and can also be done when the baby is too big to fit comfortably inside the sink.

Use a wash basin. While this uses the same basic concept as a baby bath, a wash basin has more uses than just bathing a baby, and hence is more space economical. (I try to have multi-purpose things so I'm not taking up space with a barely used accessory.) It can be used as a bucket for floor mopping, to hand wash laundry, to transfer clean laundry to the line, for bringing in dry laundry and storing it until it is sorted. And of course, to wash babies. 
From when kids are able to sit somewhat, they can be bathed in a wash basin. The fit is snug enough that you don't need a baby bath seat. And guess what? Ever since our fiasco with our lack of hot water, Lee has insisted on only bathing in the wash tub. He finds it more fun. This method probably saves even more water than the submarine shower.

So thats our Simple Solution this Saturday- ditch the baby bath. Just bathe in the sink or a wash basin.

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