Friday, April 16, 2010

Homemade Hair Detangler and Defrizzer

I have straight, so fine that it was a challenge to make accessories stay put in my hair when I was younger. Understandably, I needed to learn new hair care techniques when Lee entered the world with curly hair, just like his dad, Mike.
Lee has long hair (shoulder length when wet), wild and crazy, flying every which way. A typical toddler, he manages to tangle his hair and glue it together with foodstuffs and craft supplies, making for a very miserable Lee when time comes to brush his hair.
My husband, with similar hair, figured out a simple solution to ease haircare and tame those curls that works for both Mike and Lee. Now their curls fall in beautiful ringlets, and Lee no longer runs from the hair brush.

Homemade Hair Detangler and Defrizzer

Spray bottle
1/3 cup conditioner
2 cups water

Mix conditioner and water in the spray bottle. We used an old bottle from bought hair detangler, but any spray bottle will do. Cheap dollar store conditioner will work fine for this.
To use, spray as needed into dry hair. Brush, starting from the bottom, using this technique.

Locally, hair detangler costs 4 dollars for 1 measly bottle. With our homemade mix, we can make nearly 20 bottles for that same cost.

Simple Solutions Saturday- Because those pennies quickly add up!

This is part of Works For Me Wednesday.

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