Paper airplane fun

We've discussed origami before as a frugal fun concept. Expanding on this idea is an afternoon of paper airplane fun.
Most know how to make the basic paper airplane (you know, the kind that you throw at substitute teachers when their back is turned), but if not, check out instructions here.
Have your children make various designs of paper airplanes. Host competitions to see which child's plane flies further. Another contest for speed.
Experiment with different designs to try to make the planes do flips, spin around, etc.
Try shooting at targets. Moving targets even.
The sky is the limit. Have fun exploring the world of flight.
Need some ideas? Here is a list of different types of paper airplanes. Feel free to invent your own as well!
To turn this into an educational lesson, perhaps discuss with your children why things fly, about air pressure, wings, etc.

(Today is phase one of moving day. We bring most of our boxes and such to the new apartment. Sunday is phase two- the heavy furniture. Tuesday is the last phase of the move, taking over whatever remains. I apologize for the short post; I'm sure you understand.)

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