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Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues, 85-Count Upright Box (Pack of 27) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]Kleenex has become a name and brand synonymous with colds, allergies, and runny noses. "Have a Kleenex!" Or rather, don't.
At $2.85 a box, Kleenex is definitely not a good choice to be using to wipe your nose. You can always buy cheaper, no name brand tissues for $1.50 a box, but even that can get expensive during cold and allergy season.

Or, you can just use toilet paper, cut into rectangles. 2 squares are approximately the size of a tissue and can be used in its place. For a dollar a roll (and I'm sure you can find cheaper), you can get the equivalent of 2 boxes of tissues.

Those savings add up, just think about it.
And if you're really daring, you can always use cloth hankies made out of squares of absorbent material, like flannel.

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  1. I get the generic brand of TP at Walmart for 96 cents for a six pack. It's not made of angel wings but it gets the job done. It's currently the only disposable product we regularly buy and I've used it for Kleenex for yrs.

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