The Forethought Edition- Festival of Frugality #280

Last minute people like myself often get caught off guard when once again, surprise expenses sneak up on them, expenses that could have been avoided, or at least reduced with just a bit of forethought.
I'm Penny and I'm hosting this week's edition of the Festival of Frugality, where the best of the frugal blogger get together to share their ideas with others, and I get to pick who gets featured. I've chosen the posts that are inspiring, posts that dare you to rethink what you've always thought, look at life in a different way, and get saving.
If you're new and on the lookout for simple money saving solutions, go no further. If you're looking for something a bit more radical, we've got extreme frugality ideas for you as well. We've got plenty of frugal strategies dealing with everything from thrifty grocery shopping and recipes, children, adjusting your mindset, recycled and cheap crafts, and much else. My regular readers- hope you enjoy this inspiration!

My Top Picks

Frugal Babe shares her 6 favorite ways to keep expenses to a minimum. This Frugal Babe definitely knows what she's talking about- after all, she has the same basic ideas as I do. :-D
Paul at Provident Plan compares food to a stage performance in a witty analogy, giving very good information about how prevalent different items should be on our menus.
PT Money shares timely advice on how to fight the urge to spend money, helping you keep those few extra dollars for what really matters to you.

Foodie Thrifty

Last minute in the kitchen often means first on line at the fast food place. Avoid this temptation and other  expensive time savers with a bit of forethought. Here's some suggestions on how you can save money in your kitchen.
Donna at Surviving and Thriving talks about her "second hand bread" store, something timely after my post on buying from the reduced rack.
Silicon Valley Blogger over at The Digerati Life shares a similar idea- shopping later on in the day when prices are getting reduced.
Free Money Finance talks about what things to not buy in bulk.
Kyle at the Suburban Dollar used a bit of forethought and planted his own garden to grow his own food- even though he lives in suburbia. Inspirational for those of us not living rurally.
Squirrelers talks about the lengths to which people will go for free food.
Having a Barbecue? David at Personal Finance Analyst discusses how to have a low cost BBQ. (Sound familiar? I gave similar suggestions here.)

Frugal Parents

How will you afford college for your kids? Tara at Prairie Cothrifter talks about ways to pay for your child's education. 
Mrs Not Made of Money gives some ideas for graduation gifts that won't break the bank.
Christian Personal Finance shares what he feels are the only 5 things you need for a newborn. It pains me to share this post because I think you can usually manage just fine without all of them (aside for maybe a car seat, but if you have no car and use buses instead, you can do without a car seat as well), as I've written in my Babies with Little Expense series. I chose to include this link anyhow because it challenges the consumerism mentality when it comes to baby purchases, so even if people aren't willing to go to the extremes I suggest, they'll still have ideas of what is more essential than the nonsense  advertisers try to get you to buy.


Super Saver at My Wealth Builder talks about how spending less earlier will get you out of buying more later.
Conversely, Jeff at Good Financial Cents challenges if paying off your mortgage early is the wisest course.
Wealth Pilgrim talks about how the get the cheapest life insurance policy.
Have you thought about where to retire? Lean Life Coach at Eliminate the Muda contemplates Detroit.
What will penny pinching accomplish? Read about one woman's saga at Budgets are Sexy.

Save Your Money

Don't use Garbage Bags. What? See the alternative at Fire Finance.
Need to upgrade your car? Ryan at Cash Money Life explains your options regarding your old car.  
Planning a Road trip? Should you take your own car or rent? Craig at Help Me Travel Cheap shares his thoughts on the matter.
Can you cut your cable bill but still watch your favorite programs? Craig at Money Help For Christians explains how you can.

Everything Else
Madeline Kane shares some really cute and funny limerics about miserliness.
But are you really a miser? Or just frugal? Learn Save Invest describes the difference.
2 Cents at Balance Junkie shares a book review on Your Money or Your Life
Consumer Boomer talks about credit scores
Tim at Nerd Wallet shares some astonishing credit cards.  
Adam at the Magical Penny talks about savings accounts.

Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do!

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