Gifts from my Mother

Happy Mother's Day!
This post is dedicated you all you hardworking selfless women, who strive to be the best moms they can be, to those nose wipers, diaper changers, short order cooks, role models, running short on sleep for years at a time- especially my Mom.

In honor of Mother's Day, I'd like to share with you some gifts my mother bequeathed to me, gifts which help me be the frugal gal I am today.

The Gift Of...

Cooking. My mother taught me to prepare foods utilizing a variety of methods. Most of the recipes I've shared are either hers, or ones concocted using the cooking knowledge I gained under my mother's tutelage. Knowing how to cook is one of the most crucial money saving methods that I learned from my mother, as this helps me make everything from scratch, allowing me to get away with a very minimalistic grocery budget.
Sewing. This skill, taught to me by Mom, lets me sew things from scratch, from cloth diapering equipment to work aprons to duvet covers, as well as repairing clothes, saving me both from needing to buy new or even paying a seamstress to do the fixing. Knowing how to handle a needle and thread is such valuable knowledge that every person should venture to learn it. I'm very appreciative that Mom taught me to sew.
Being Adventurous with Food. My mother's cooking was never standard. She was always exploring exotic and different cooking mediums and ingredients. Because I didn't grow up with the standard American menu, I'm open to eating "different" frugal foods like beans, lentils, and seitan. Cultivating an adventurous palate is a great fugal gift.
Being Willing to Swim Against the Tide. Keeping up with the Joneses can quickly empty your bank of every last penny and then some, racking up thousands in credit card debt. I'm glad my mother wasn't afraid to be different, wasn't afraid to do the right and often frugal thing, even if it would cause others to look askance at her. By raising me this way, she's helped pave the path for my current lifestyle. My mom gave me the confidence to do what I believe is true, regardless of the current norm.
Pre-loved Things. My mother would clothe us in thrift store finds, stock our home with yard sale furniture, and would often arrive with amazing dumpster dive finds. By doing this, my Mom taught me that there is no shame in second hand, that someone else's junk can be your treasure, and that you don't need to break the bank and buy new.
Being Content with Your Lot. My mom lives by the maxim "Who is rich? He who is happy with what he has." By instilling in me to appreciate the wonderful things that I do have instead of pining away for what i do not, my mother's tools and outlook in life help me feel enamored with my life, even though we live below the poverty line.

Thanks Mom!

What gifts did your mother leave you that help you be more frugal?

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