Homemade Baby Powder

Often we buy things by rote, heading down the same aisles in the grocery store to pick up the same purchases, simply because that is what we've always done.
While diapering a baby once using his mom's paraphernalia, I was a bit baffled at part of the ensemble. A bottle of baby powder, labeled "Pure Cornstarch". Why this mom chose to spend money on cornstarch designated for baby's bottoms when it was clearly nothing more than pure cornstarch was beyond me for a point, until I realized that she simply was picking up baby equipment in the aisle she had always frequented, even though there was a cheaper, simple alternative.

Corn starch is a great replacement for baby powder. Simply take this common kitchen ingredient, put it in an empty spice shaker (a great way to recycle that "unrecyclable" plastic), and use in place of baby powder.

Uses for Cornstarch "Baby Powder":

  • Absorbing sweat
    • to prevent embarrassing spots
    • to prevent chafing
  • On humid days instead of biker shorts
  • On heat rash
  • Rub all over baby after a bath to absorb leftover moisture
  • On a baby's bottom to keep it dryer
  • Rub on skin before and after a shave

    Warning: Don't use cornstarch on areas suspected of having fungal issues; the cornstarch will feed the yeast, worsening the issue.

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    1. This is exellent information, I never knew talc powder was dangerous or like asbestos causing lung and genetal cancers. I just bought one powder puff one to keep my lower body dry. I only used it once but I will never use it again. Why hasnt it been switched to corn starch???? Why is it used on babies????? Lawsuits are going on and I only knew its danger today as a lawsuit was on television.

    2. Well cornstarch is a food, it can feed or promote fungus growth that can occur in warm damp places...If you work out...sweat (yes private places do sweat) and have "food" to feed bacteria you have a recipe for unpleasant skin problems. Same for baby's... damp warm damp tuchie areas...apply cornstarch and you are feeding bacteria.

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