Homemade Furniture Polish

Once in a long while, when my mother would run out or chores to assign us (just kidding, Mom), or noticed that our wood furniture was getting particularly grungy, out would come our Murphy's Oil Soap and one of us children would be the designated polisher, turning our wooden piano, bookshelves, tables and hutches from dusty dirty pieces into gleaming beautiful hardwood furniture.
Not to worry, no need to spend money on special wood cleaner; you're able to make furniture polish cheaply, using only things you already have in your home.

Homemade Furniture Polish

Cooking oil (no need to waste the good stuff on this, cheap unhealthy stuff will do fine)
Lemon juice
2 rags
1 container to hold the mixture (up, basin, or bottle)

1 In your container, mix a few tablespoons of oil with a dash of lemon juice. Stir or shake well.
2 Dip your rag into a tiny bit of the oil-lemon mixture.
3 Rub thoroughly over the wooden surface, adding more liquid as needed.
4 When completed, the wood should be dirt free and glistening.
5 Use the second cloth to rub down the furniture so no oil remains on top, so the furniture is not slippery or prone to giving oil stains.

Note: This works on faux wood as well as real wood.

A breakfront we sold before our move. Prior to cleaning it, the piece was filthy. Now it has a beautiful gleam, making it more attractive to buyers. (The glass was cleaned with a vinegar-water mixture.)

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