My Friday Posts- Need Your Input

Friday is my busiest day of the week. It is also the day that my blog gets the fewest visitors.
People haven't really been so enamored (at least from what I can see) with my Frugal Fun Friday posts, so I'm thinking of discontinuing them.
Should I discontinue them and just take Fridays as my one day off from my blog?
Or are you enjoying the Frugal Fun Friday posts, and should I continue with them?

To be honest, I've been finding these Friday posts to be a little bland. Part of the reason is because I'm not at that stage in life yet- as of now, my sons are content doing housework with me and I don't need to go out of the way to entertain them.
If you are looking for frugal fun things to do with your kids, go check out Frugal Family Fun Blog- she's got lots of really awesome ideas, both for older and for younger kids.

I was thinking to perhaps move my recipe posts to Fridays, and do something else more interesting with my Thursday posts.

Any thoughts? Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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