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Search & WinSwagbucks is an amazing tool that lets you earn money on the internet for doing virtually nothing! Swagbucks is a search engine that gives you Swagbucks for searching the internet, something you're probably already doing anyhow. All these Swagbucks add up and you can get many rewards with these Swagbucks , my favorite reward being gift cards! There are also codes randomly released that give you instant Swagbucks, even without searching.

The best part about it is- when you get other people to sign up for Swagbucks, when they earn Swagbucks, so do you! I've got 926 Swagbucks at the moment, enough to get 2 5 dollar gift cards to I plan on using my gift cards to buy either Borax for making homemade laundry soap, or oven bags to make a new and improved solar cooker.

For those already swagging now, or for those who haven't yet joined, I wanted to tell you that in June, you'll make extra Swagbucks! This Monday, there will be 5 Swag Codes released! That's at least 5 times to earn free money! Every single day in June there will be another code released. Want to know if a code is available? Look at the Swagbucks widget in the sidebar and click on the SC logo. Free, guaranteed Swag Codes!

Monday will be the kickoff to the Summer of Swag- every 7th winning search, you'll earn 25 Swag Codes in one go!
In addition to going code crazy on Monday we'll be highlighting a different bill every day - BIG bills, too. As an added bonus, every day the featured bill will be awarded to every 7th win on Swagbucks! On Monday, that bill will be the 25 Swag Buck bill.
-From Swagbucks Blog 
Sounds crazy, right? Too good to be true? But fortunately, you don't have to take my word for it! Just sign up for Swagbucks and start searching and winning today!

Oh, and new Swaggers- if you sign up until next Friday, you can use the code SUMMEROFSWAG to earn an instant 20 Swagbucks! Isn't that amazing?

(P.S. This is not a paid post nor is it in place of my regularly scheduled posts. I am sharing this to help you earn money from the comfort of your own home, and because when you earn money, we both win!)

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