Friday Feedback

I have a few different questions and ideas that I wanted to swing by my readers and figured that I'd bunch them up together and do them on a Friday, my quasi day off blogging (meaning, I blog only if I feel like it but feel no pressure to do so).

Anonymity and Mystery

For now, I've kept my family's identifying details off this site. I've learned from the lessons of other bloggers who were harassed, contacted at their work, and reported to child protective services because they didn't agree with the type of life they were living. For personal reasons as well as the fact that I don't want to give people the means to make my life difficult, I've kept everything of myself off the web, namely how I look, where I live, what my husband does for a living, and what my name is.
I've noticed though, that nearly all the professional bloggers have connected their blog with their real name, and almost all the big blogs out there show a photograph of the author. I assume that the reason for this is it allows readers to identify more with the writer, and lends an air of credibility, because you see that there is an actual person behind the blog, and not merely a Meez.
I've been debating if I should put up a picture of me on my blog, at the side there. Do it, or don't? Do you like the sense of mystery that enshrouds my blog due to the anonymity, or do you think a profile photo would benefit the site?

Different Types of Posts

I've noticed that I've got a few different types of posts here- the instructional and to the point money saving lists, the longer, more rambly money saving posts, my long musings that are connected with frugality but don't necessarily contain tips, and my recipe posts. Which posts do you prefer reading most? What do you come here for? The tips, the recipes, or the musings?

An E-Book

I've been contemplating writing an e-book. The topic would depend on the response to the previous question. It would either be an e-book of money saving tips and tricks, or it would be a cookbook.
Which would you prefer? A money saving e-book or a cookbook?
Would you pay 5 dollars for such an e-book? Do you know others that would?

Any other feedback on the site? I'm all ears.

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