Saturday, June 26, 2010

Save Money Printing

HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet All-in-One Printer (CB745A#B1H)I don't know about yours, but my printer is a money guzzler. Replacement ink cartridges can cost upward of 25 dollars each, and if you do any frequent printing, those cartridges will be finished in a flash. Because of their high price, it pays to utilize a few, easy ink saving solutions to save big on printing costs.

Cheap Printing

  • Print Less. If you have a laptop, this is easiest. Got a recipe online? Instead of printing it out, can you move the computer to the kitchen for reference? Jotting down the recipe on a scrap paper also saves you ink.
  • Less Text, No Pictures. Most internet sites offer a print version. When printing out items, try copying this text to a word document and delete any extraneous text, like footers and signatures. Remove photos unless they're vital to the document, as pictures use the more ink.
  • Change Font Size. The smaller the print, the less ink used. Change the font size to the smallest size you find comfortable reading. I find I can easily read font size eight or ten, but the average person prefers size twelve.
  • Change Font. Century Gothic uses the least ink- 31% less ink than Arial. Times New Roman also uses less ink per word. Changing the font type will save you printing money.
  • Change Printer Preferences. From what I've seen, this is one of the least known money saving printing methods.

    • Go print your document. 
    • Click on the Preferences button.
    • Chose the Fast or Fast Normal setting. The fast will look more pixelated but will still be readable, and the fast normal looks nearly the same as regular printing, just a tad lighter. 
    • These printer preferences will make your printer use much less ink, saving you much money in the long run.
Save money on printing easily. So simple, its your simple solution this Saturday!

What do you do to save money on printing? Do you use any of these methods?

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