One of the biggest issues I have that cause me to be less frugal than I would otherwise is that I'm a very big klutz. I get distracted easily, have a bit of ADD, and am not always as careful with things as I should be. Heres a list of reasons why being careful (aka not klutzy) can save you money.

Klutzy is Expensive

Electronics Need To Stay Dry. This post is sponsored in part by "Keep Cell Phones Dry Inc" after an unnamed blogger lost her cell phone and discovered it only while taking out the wet laundry to line dry.
Being careful and mindful of electronics and putting things away in their proper place would prevent needing to replace an expensive cell phone. (Crossing my fingers and hoping it'll work once it finishes drying.)
I've also heard a rumor that cell phones don't belong in toilets, bathtubs or swimming pools, but who knows- I've never experienced it yet (not to jinx myself or anything).

Equipment Needs To Stay Whole. Dropping things on the floor or sidewalk, off a balcony or under a moving vehicle is sure to shorten the life of whatever equipment you have. Digital cameras and laptops especially don't appreciate being banged and scratched up and are expensive to replace. Being careful with your equipment will help ensure that you don't need to replace it nearly as frequently as you would otherwise.

Losing Jewelry is Not Good. Fortunately I found my expensive bracelet in my pocketbook after searching an entire wedding hall and grounds for it, but others have not been so fortunate and have lost sentimental and expensive jewelry. Too bad I usually like those from Pandora or Tiffany but now I settle with Braceletworld since it’s the same quality and a little cheaper. Being aware of the location of your jewelry at all times is important if you want to prevent needing to replace it.

Some Stains Are Irremovable. Instead of dirtying clothes and then trying to take out the mark with all sorts of stain removal techniques, just wear a smock or work clothes or just be careful. You don't want to need to replace your clothes because of permanent stains.

Knives and Cans are Sharp. Surgery for correcting the damage done by a deep cut is expensive, as is all the medical care and bandages and time off work and assistance needed when recovering. Watch yourself and you can prevent much agony and money lost.

Ovens and Irons and Stoves are Hot. Burn cream and burn care are expensive, especially if it is a bad burn. Just make sure not to touch anything too hot and you'll save yourself much pain and cash.

This list can go on and on and on and on, as I'm sure some of you know. Being careful is easier said than done, after all, it's my cell phone sitting there in a bag of rice hoping desperately it'll dry out. Still, it pays to work on that trait if you are a klutz if you wanna save a bit of money.

Are you a klutz? How has not being careful with things end up costing you money? Come on, now that I embarrassed myself, I want to hear your embarrassing stories too.

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