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I am and have already for a while been both a cloth diaper user and a cloth diapering advocate, both for frugal and green reasons, in addition to a multitude of other benefits.
I am proud to say that we have our first official site sponsor, a company I can fully support and stand behind, being as it is a cloth diapering company. This company not only doesn't clash with the frugal and non consumerism values of Penniless Parenting, it also espouses many things I hold dear.
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Meet Sew Crafty Baby!

Sew Crafty Baby is the company of a work at home mom, Jennifer, and provides all your cloth diapering needs plus more, for fabulous prices.
There are so many things I love about Sew Crafty Baby that I'm sure you will love too!

Trial Packages
In addition to her great prices, if you're a newby in the cloth diapering scene, Sew Crafty Baby has a trial package so you can try out cloth diapering to see if you like it. Many people are afraid to start cloth diapering because they are hesitant to invest a large sum of money in a diapering system, only to decide afterward that cloth diapering isn't for them.
Sew Crafty Baby allows you to have a trial package where you buy the diapers and see if you like them before making a solid commitment to cloth diapering. If you decide after the trial that cloth diapering isn't for you, you can return the diapers and get your money back- even the used diapers! Isn't that something? I know that if I were nervous about starting to cloth diaper, that trial package would definitely convince me to give it a shot.

Price Match
If you think you've found a better deal than what Sew Crafty Baby offers, give them a holler. Jennifer has agreed to match any prices you find online for what she has to offer. This means you're guaranteed only the best prices.

Package Deals
I love buying bulk and think people should be rewarded for buying large quantities of something. That is why I think it is superb that Sew Crafty Baby gives you an even better deal if you buy a bunch of diapering things at once.

Second Hand Diapers
If you want something even cheaper than what Sew Crafty Baby usually offers, you can chose from the clearance/gently used section for dirt cheap pricing!

Affiliate Program
If you get someone to buy from Sew Crafty Baby, you make money. So simple- if a new customer buys through your affiliate link, you earn 5% of what they spent on store credit.

Earn Money For Pics
Sew Crafty Baby wants pics of different babies in different types of cloth diapers. Just send in pics of your babies in cloth diapers, tell Jennifer the make and size of the diaper, and earn store credit for each pic.

Free Shipping!!!

And its on sale!!
For the month of August, buy $50 and get $10 store credit with the code aug10 (code valid till August 15). Also, if you're a new customer, get 10% off with the code newcustomer.
Sales regularly posted on Sew Crafty Baby's Facebook page.

I was not asked to write this post; I did it entirely by my own volition. I was just so psyched by all these great features on Sew Crafty Baby that I felt the need to share these amazing details with you. 

Oh, and don't forget our Giveaway!

One free BumGenius 4.0 for one lucky winner, courtesy of Sew Crafty Baby!
BumGenius 4.0 is the recently released one size fits all pocket diaper. I love pocket diapers as they're easiest to use and easiest to dry, and as this is a one size fits all, it should fit your kid from newborn till potty training. Here's the youtube video that explains about the BumGenius 4.0 in detail.

Giveaway Details
Entry to the giveaway is eligible only to residents of the US and Canada.
The giveaway is open until 11:59 PM, Sunday, August 15.
The winner will be selected via random draw by and posted on Monday, August 16th. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to me or I'll chose a new winner.
In order to win, you must provide a valid email address. Please, at least for this giveaway, do not sign in with Disqus or Yahoo to comment, as I cannot see your email address and will not be able to contact you.
If you're unaware of rules of giveaways, for each comment you write below, you will have one entry into the giveaway. Please only comment to enter the giveaway, not to discuss other things.
For each of the eligible ways to enter the giveaway, please post a separate comment. If you don't post a separate comment for each entry, you will only get entered once.
If you've already done one of the things in the past (like you're already a subscriber), you may still enter for each of these parameters.

To enter the giveaway:
1. Go to and tell me what item they stock you'd put on your wish list. Required for entry to the giveaway. (1 entry)
2. Do you currently cloth diaper? If so, give yourself 2 entries.
3. If this post has convinced you to give cloth diapering a shot, give yourself 3 entries.
4. If you're undecided about whether you'll cloth diaper, but don't discount the possibility, give yourself one entry.
5. Subscribe to my feed. (1 entry)
6. Follow me on twitter. (1 entry)
7. Like me on Facebook. (1 entry)
8. Become my fan on Facebook. (1 entry)
9. Become a fan of SewCraftyBaby on Facebook. (1 entry)
10. Become a Google Follower. (1 entry)
11. Tweet about this giveaway. (1 entry per tweet, maximum 10 tweets.)
12. Post about this giveaway on your blog or a message board- post links to posts here. (3 entries per post.)

Good luck! Hope you win!

Oh, and we're having another giveaway as soon as PennilessParenting reaches 50,000 visitors, so be prepared for another giveaway very, very soon!

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