Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some Blog Stuff and Some Advice

I've had a lot on my mind recently, what with a big party I threw for my oldest son, catered entirely from scratch. My busy times are not yet finished as I've got even more coming up in the next little bit.
The Blog
I'm looking for some guest bloggers for then and for other times, quality posts from you so my wonderful readers have some great posts to read even when I might be a bit too busy to be posting those posts. I assure you- I'll only put up guest posts that mesh with what I believe, because I don't want to have controversial and contradicting posts on my blog.
Bloggers- if you write well, especially if your niche is frugality, send me a buzz and an idea for a guest post or two and I'll let you know if I think it is something that would be good for my blog. I've got a large readership, fortunately, so a post here can easily help your readership grow. I'm looking for high quality, workplace appropriate (rated G, please), interesting posts on either parenting or frugality. Send me an email to pennilessparenting at yahoo sot com if you're interested!

I also wanted your feedback on two separate issues, one smaller, one larger.


I absolutely love reading. A good book can be riveting frugal entertainment that expands your brain and enriches your vocabulary as well as your knowledge of the world. If we had public libraries where I lived, I'd be all set.
But there are no public libraries here. And no extensive library networks including interlibrary loans for books the local library doesn't have in stock.
What we do have is a small, one room (relatively large, though) library that costs 25 dollars for the family to join for the year. There is a small section, perhaps 7 bookcases, of various books in English. All other books are in a language that I do not feel comfortable reading.
The library is open at very inconvenient hours- think 2 hours a day, 3 days a week.
So that basically is 25 dollars for whatever books the library happens to own and I can find in that cluttered mess.
Worth 25 dollars?
Its definitely a luxury. I don't need books to survive.
Yet its only 25 dollars for a year. That's just a bit more than 2 dollars a month, a relatively small investment for good entertainment.
But its not like I'll be able to have whatever books I want- my choice will be very limited... And then maybe I'll spend too much time reading instead of tending to my family and my blog.
So what say you? Spend that 25 dollars on that pure luxury? Keep in mind that 25 dollars can buy a weeks worth of groceries for my family, 2 if I stretch it. And money is beyond tight here...
Would you join the library for 25 dollars for the year?


And the other question- I've catered 3 relatively large parties at my home. I had a blast! I love cooking and presentation and seeing other people enjoy my food. And if I must say so, I happen to be a pretty good cook- objectively speaking. I'm also looking for a way to expand my income from home.
I was thinking about going into catering small events.
Basically, it would involve cooking large quantities of food in my home, having the people pick it up from my home, and them paying me. No serving or leaving my home, aside for the food shopping trip.
After my son's party, I was asked by a relative to cater an event she'd be having later this month. (Hence part of the busy-ness.) She was impressed by the job I did, the ability to cook healthy, delicious food on a budget, and so I got the job.
But should I advertise? Do you think catering small events like that sounds like a viable job opportunity? Do you have any experience in home based catering that you can give me tips, advice, or warnings about?

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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