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Technology is a fickle thing. I
 had a post all typed on my palm pilot about how I am so overwhelmed with life lately because I bit off more than I could chew just to make some extra money, and while it is making me a sizable sum of money, it's leaving me run down, snappy, physically tired, emotionally tired and in physical pain. My shoulders hurt, my neck hurts, my ankles hurt and my knees hurt. And I'm constantly nodding off and not getting the things I need to get done, done. I was going to just transfer it over here to the computer, copy and paste it onto my blog, and head off to sleep. But it got lost in translation and now it's neither on the palm pilot nor on the computer. Oh well. And if writing a blog post when I dreadfully need to be headed to bed isn't overwhelming, I don't know what is....
I did tell one of the cleaning jobs that is farthest from me and takes the greatest toll on me because it is twice a week with a long commute to please try to find a replacement for me, because I am too exhausted to continue like this.
That felt good...
And now tomorrow I am free as a bird to actually catch up on sleep and get things done around the house. I hope my knee will bend painlessly by then.
Yes, having extra income helps, and no I haven't given in to the urge to spend money on convenience items (unless you call a can of beans dumped on some noodles with some veggies a convenience item...). However, I'm not sure that all the extra money in the world is worth physical pain, exhaustion, and just being completely wiped out.
My husband asked me to please work less because he is seeing the toll all this work is taking on me.
Fortunately, I was offered a work at home job that will take less time and make more money than even cleaning, and it is doing something I enjoy. More details on that another time, but I'm glad to say that quitting some cleaning jobs won't be the end to us financially...
Ok, I'm off to bed.

Have you ever had a job that took such a physical and mental toll on you that you quit it, despite needing money desperately?

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