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Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Heart Ring Size 7(Size 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15)Expenditures come up in every family, no matter how hard you try to cut back. Worst of all, though, is expenditures made necessary by our own negligence. Not keeping track of where your things are can cause you to need to spend more money on replacements once you lose things.
In my 4 years of being married, I haven't lost my glasses once, and my engagement and wedding rings were misplaced for a few hours, but aside for that- I've always known where expensive things are.

I have an ADD brain, which makes it much more difficult for me to become and stay organized, but I have one trick to make sure that my glasses and rings never become lost. My husband, on the other hand, an organized person without ADD, has frequently misplaced his glasses, something even I haven't done.

What is this trick of mine?

Always take off your glasses and jewelry in the same exact place. Literally.
I have 3 places in my home where my rings and glasses ever come off. By the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, and my night stand. If I can't find them, I look in one of those three places and I'll almost always find them. If I don't, I just assume that they must have been knocked down, and just look on the floor behind my nightstand or next to the sink. Never once has it been anywhere else.
This has helped me too never lose my expensive rings... unlike some other people that needed to replace their diamond rings after misplacing them.
Have 2 or 3 specific spots where you keep your glasses or jewelry, and never put them anywhere else.

To be extra careful, if I am taking off my rings and glasses at the same time (like in the shower), I put my rings onto one of the earpieces of my glasses, and fold them in, holding the rings in place. I also have a ring holder next to my kitchen sink, and whenever I take off my rings there, they go straight onto the holder. Bigger things are always easier to see, making it easier to know exactly where by the sink my rings are.

If I ever need to take my rings off when I am outside the house, they go straight into the change purse on my wallet.

Have you ever lost rings or glasses? Do you have tricks to be able to keep track of your things? Please share.

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