Friday, November 19, 2010

Semolina Porridge aka Homemade Cream of Wheat

My husband loves porridge, all kinds. Rice porridge (pudding), maize porridge (polenta), oat porridge (oatmeal). Any kind is delicious. The favorite porridge in the house of all though is semolina porridge, also known as cream of wheat. Where I live, this is an insanely cheap breakfast that is perfect for mornings where I don't have the energy to bake bread, make pancakes, or do anything complicated. Did I mention also that it's really cheap? And simple?

Homemade Semolina Porridge AKA Cream of Wheat


1. Mix semolina and water in a 1-4 ratio, approximately. The more water used, the thinner it'll be. Less water and you'll get a nice thick porridge.
2. Put in a pot on a stove on a medium heat stirring constantly until it thickens.
That's all. Told you it's simple.

When it's ready, top with whatever flavorings you like. My husband likes cinnamon and sugar. I like salt and melted cheese (today I put a drop of blue cheese in mine in addition to the regular muenster and it was awesome!). Butter or maple syrup would also work.

Total prep time- less than 10 minutes. I usually make this the night before so my husband can have breakfast ready at 6 am when he needs to leave for work.
Note- this gets thicker when it sits for a while. If you are preparing overnight like I do, add extra water if you want it runny, otherwise it'll be very thick, as shown in the pic above.

Do you like porridge or hot cereal? What kind do you make and how do you like it?

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  1. Too funny. I googled for a random semolina/farina recipe and yours is the one that came up!
    Making it now for the morning.


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