A lot going on here right now. Good things, for the most part.

The biggest thing, aside for my new writing job, is that a family member moved in to our home, possibly short term, possibly long term. We're taking things one day at a time, but I'm determined that even with a 5 person household, we'll be able to continue living as frugally as we are now. :-D

Tomorrow we're going on a trip to meet up with the local homeschooling group. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I am determined that Lee and Spike will be homeschooled, but it would really help to be part of a local support group that knows how to navigate the unchartered waters in homeschooling territory here. (My country is still relatively "backward" in terms of their attitude towards  homeschooling  and needing to gain official permission to school at home.) I really, really, really hope I like the families! I hope they're my speed!
In a sense, I kind of feel like a little kid does before their first day of school, unsure what type of group of kids they're going to meet.
Wish me luck- I hope this group is my style and I can be a part of their group.

And on other random notes-
I was talking to a reader/friend the other day, and she was telling me which posts on the blog she liked most and affected her life the most. I was wondering- what piece of advice/post that I wrote changed your life the most or did you enjoy the most?
If you could give one piece of frugal advice, either to myself, or to other readers, what would it be?

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