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Maidenform Women's One Fabulous Fit T-Shirt Bra,California Blue,34CI desperately needed a clothing makeover recently. My clothes weren't sitting nicely on my body, making me look less than well kempt. No, unfortunately there was no money in the Penniless household with which to buy a whole new wardrobe. Something needed to be done desperately though, money or not. Feeling good about yourself is important for success in life; when you look slovenly, you start feeling unworthy and depressed and stop functioning at higher levels. 
Fortunately, there's a way that, by just buying one new article of clothing, you can give yourself a whole new look. How do you do that?
Men readers, note that this post does not apply to you, so kindly move on. This is girl talk.

The One Most Important Article of Clothing

I've nursed both my boys. I'm still nursing my 16 month old son, Ike. Nursing does a number to your body, making you stretch out, shall we say. Nursing bras don't exactly help matters, as they usually provide very little support. For well endowed women, nursing bras accomplish nothing, at least in my experience.
Since Ike was born, I had been wearing the same nursing bras over and over. As I mentioned, they weren't providing much support. This lack of support affected my figure and made me look bad.

I went out and spent a bit over 100 dollars one day on clothes. My husband wanted to know how I spent those 100 dollars, how many articles of clothing I managed to buy with that large sum of money.
I bought 2 bras.
With those 100 dollars, I could have bought 100 articles of clothing at the thrift store. I could have bought 13 articles of clothing from the discount clothing store. Instead I bought 2 bras.
I don't regret it one drop.

Good bras are the key to a nice wardrobe. Spending money on new clothing when you haven't got the basics covered is counter-intuitive. With a supportive bra that fits you properly, you can even wear your old clothes and still look nice.
Decent bras make you look good, feel good, and walk with more confidence and better posture. When this happens, you end up accomplishing a lot more and you feel even better!

P.S. The second I got new bras, purchasing a new wardrobe all of a sudden became less necessary. I looked so much better, just by changing this one thing!

Junky bras are just not worth the money. Ill fitting bras are a waste of money.

High quality bras that will last a while- now thats an investment I fully support.

But gals- take good care of your bras! Don't put them in the dryer. Hand wash them. Own more than one and alternate using them so you don't stretch them out too much. Don't wash them in hot water... because bras are expensive, and you don't want to need to buy new ones quite so quickly.

How much do you spend on bras? Do you think its worthwhile to pay a lot of money for bras, or do you believe in using cheap bras? Why do you feel that way? Do you think a decent bra makes all the difference in how you present yourself?

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