What We Ate- Week 2 of the No Shopping Challenge

Ok, so 2 weeks ago, when I tried putting away my groceries from my shopping trip and saw that I had no room to fit anything anymore into my pantry, fridge, and freezer, I decided to challenge myself and see how long I could go without going grocery shopping. I usually only go shopping once a month anyhow- the challenge is to see if I can go 2 months or longer.
The rules- no shopping more than once a week, no buying more than 2 or 3 items per shop, and I can buy as much flour, sugar, onions, eggs, and oil as I need.

Well, this week my little Ike was sick, and I already broke the rules. I went to the store and bought apples, apple juice concentrate, bananas, coca cola, disposable diapers, and saltine type crackers to help him get over his stomach bug. (I figured whatever money spent on foods to make him better is money saved by not needing to get him hospitalized because of dehydration. Dehydration was a big concern for me.) Then later on in the week I ran out of flour, and while I was there picked up onions and carrots because I was running low and they were on sale for 25 cents a pound, and I figured that it was better to pay that price than pay full price when I fully ran out.

I supplemented what we had in the house by foraging plantains, milk thistle, mallow, wild fennel, wood sorrel, wild mustard, passion fruits, rosemary flowers, and 5 huge, gigantic citrons.

So, what did we eat?

Tuesday- Cheesy nettle and milk thistle lasagna roll ups made with homemade lasagna noodles. These were simply to die for!

Wednesday- Sorrel and egg soup, rosemary flower drop biscuits. I modeled the soup after a traditional eastern European dish called schav, and the biscuits were loosely based on a recipe I found on a website with edible flower recipes.

Thursday- chicken wing and vegetable soup, curried rice, puple kimchi. By this point, Ike was sick. I wanted to make food that was easy on the stomach.

Friday- Homemade bread, homemade mayo and wild fennel dip, tahini dip, purple kimchi, sweet and sour radishes, raw beet, carrot and fennel salad, chicken soup, super moist wild greens stuffed chicken and veggies, curried rice, and sugar cookies. We had a guest and he raved about the food!

Saturday- Homemade bread, homemade mayo and wild fennel dip, tahini dip, purple kimchi, sweet and sour radishes, raw beet carrot and fennel salad, chicken wings left from the soup, curried rice, and sugar cookies.

Sunday- onion rolls (zero rising time- yay!), breaded and fried chicken breast, salted radishes.

Monday- rice cooked in leftover chicken broth, blanched and sauted plantain leaves with carmelized onions, and lemony green lentils.

Lunches were nearly always leftovers from the previous supper.
Breakfasts ranged from milk shakes to egg nog to peanut butter chocolate pudding (healthy, of course) to cream of wheat.

What did you eat this past week? Anything on my menu interest you and you'd like a recipe? Let me know and I'll be glad to share! Oh, and happy Valentines day, y'all! If you're celebrating, how are you celebrating frugally?

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