Hearty Peasant Soup

This soup has been a hit every time I've made it. It's convinced a friend of mine to give foraging a chance, simply because she wanted to make this soup because it came out so tasty. Paired with a some pieces of freshly baked whole wheat bread or toast, it is a filling, delicious and nutritious meal that is easy on the pocketbook.
It's been named Peasant Soup because it contains only ingredients that would have been available to Italian peasants back in the days of yore. As I sit down to eat a bowl of this soup made with my very own foraged wild mustard, I can't help but think that it's very possible that some Italian peasant woman sent out her children to collect these greens and then lovingly created the exact same dish to serve her family back in the 1700's.

Hearty Peasant Soup

2 tbsp oil
1 large onion, diced
3-4 cloves garlic, sliced
1 large can of tomato paste
3-4 cans full of water
2-4 tbsp vinegar (I use homemade kombucha vinegar, but any other kind is also fine)
2 cups cooked white beans or chickpeas
2 cups cooked kidney beans
1-2 bunches of wild mustard, broccoli rabe, swiss chard, kale, or any other greens.
1-2 tomatoes, cubed
1-3 tbsp sugar/sucanat/honey (optional)
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)

1. Wash the greens very well to remove all dirt. Blanche in boiling water to remove bitterness. Chop up small.
2. Saute onions in oil in a large saucepan. Once onions are golden, add garlic and cook till golden.
3. Add tomato, cook till soft.
3. Add tomato paste, water, beans, and greens. Bring to a boil.
4. Add 2 tbsp vinegar, and salt and pepper. Taste. If desired, add sweetener and/or the rest of the vinegar.
5. Serve with toast or bread, and enjoy!

What is your favorite type of soup? This is definitely way high up there on my list. Does this seem like something you would make?

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