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I'm certainly not a coupon user, as couponing really isn't available in my part of the world, but for those of you that do live in a place where you can coupon, and rely on coupons to lower your bills, you'll probably enjoy this guest post written by reader Monique Rowe. 

When we talk about getting creative with our budget, it is all about saving money.  We clip coupons, check out the latest store flyer and go store to store looking for the best deals.  What about eliminating the hassle of leaving your house and just start shopping online?  Yes, it is fun to walk through the department store and in the mall, but we waste a lot of time searching for what we want and then checking every store to see if we can get a better deal.  
Here is how online shopping makes a difference.  First, you need to start at a site like MyCoupons.com.  This site compiles coupon codes from hundreds of retailers with some of the most exclusive offers online.  Need some home furnishings? Use one of the many Macys coupons or Dillards coupons.  Have kids and want to get them something from Disney? They have plenty of Disney coupons.  The site is really easy to use and has side links on the left side for exclusive deals, free shipping, the most popular coupons and other great links. 
MyCoupons.com also features CouponPros that can assist you with merchants and help you get the best deal.  
Sign up with them on Facebook for their VIP List to have a chance to win weekly prizes and have access to special offers.  Even more savings are available when you buy a discounted gift card to places like Bath and Body Works or Pier 1.  
Go online and check them out and be more creative with coupons!

This is a sponsored post.

Do you shop with coupons? Do you usually use them in the store or online? How much money would you say you save via couponing? If you don't coupon, why don't you?

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