A Guessing Game

I know I said I'd share instructions on how to make sushi today, but in the end I went in to town with the family to run errands, and I'm too tired to do a step by step tutorial with pics for the post. So that'll have to be for another day.

Instead, I'll leave you with a guessing game.

My day today involved:

A measuring tape

Unearthing a wooden box from our storage room

A broken huge mirror

Hunting around the city for a glazier, only to find out that the the telephone book is only aware of 4 in the city, none of them remotely close to where I was told there was one...

Finding a glazier eventually and having him cut me a 47 centimeter by 47 centimeter square of glass

Lugging said piece of glass home on a bus, all the while trying to get Ike to not kick it and shatter it

Some cardboard

Perhaps also some Styrofoam

Anyone want to put the clues together and figure out what I spent my day busy with?
Lets hear your guesses...

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  1. You had no guesses; I am going to guess you were making a solar/sun oven!

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