Menu Plan Monday in Retrospect- July 11, 2011

I haven't been sharing so many weekly menus lately because they've been rather... uninspired, to say the least. I'll admit that adjusting to a gluten free diet is taking some getting used to, and I've relied a little too much on convenience foods like gluten free cereal and rice cakes while I was still getting my bearings. But now that I seem to have things a little more under control, I wanted to share with you readers what we've eaten this past week. 
What does make this a drop harder is-
I'm trying to cut back on the use of tomatoes, eggs, and dairy in the house in addition to gluten. Aside for gluten, nothing is an absolute here... I'm a little too overwhelmed at the moment to do as much of an elimination diet as I attempted to do approximately 2 months ago, and will hold off on eliminating anything 100% until I take Ike for allergy testing, but I have noticed that his eczema is a lot better when we limit tomatoes and eggs and I've recently discovered that too much dairy is cause for stomach ache in this house...
In addition to all that, I desperately need to go shopping. My cupboards are pretty bare at the moment, as is my refrigerator. Very little is available out there for foraging where I live right now (the greens season over and fruit season hasn't yet begun), and being gluten free I'm relying a lot less on grains and more on produce... so now that I have to go shopping, my refrigerator is very very empty, making meal planning much harder.
Not only that, my bulk foods are pretty much gone and I have to go shopping at the bulk food store to restock. (Trip planned on Wednesday.)
So I'm working with very little here, unfortunately.

With all that preamble, what are we actually eating?

(I'm only writing the main meal of the day. Supper is leftovers from lunch, breakfast is either milk shakes, kefir shakes, tahini shakes (milk shakes made with sesame milk instead of dairy), or embarrassingly enough, store bought gluten free breakfast cereal. (Dang, I need some good, quick, gluten free breakfast options for those mornings when I have no more fruit left for my shakes.) Ok, breakfast sometimes is leftovers from lunch the day before for me, and my kids and husband will have oats and milk.)

Monday- Rice vermicelli lo mein with chicken, carrots, peppers, and eggplant.

Tuesday- Polenta fries with home canned salsa, lemony chicken breast, and veggie salad.

Wednesday- Rice and Robin's Lentil Mash.

Thursday- Polenta pizza with purslane, peppers, and beet pepperoni.

Friday- Oi Naengukk (chilled Korean cucumber soup), Dad's potato salad, three bean salad, white bean salad, black bean salsa, roasted beet salad, and curried chicken breast with pineapple

Saturday- leftovers- Oi Naengukk (chilled Korean cucumber soup), Dad's potato salad, three bean salad, white bean salad, black bean salsa, roasted beet salad and curried chicken breast with pineapple

Sunday- Three bean salad, homemade brown rice and flax seed crackers

What's on your menu for this week? What did you eat this past week?
And please, if you have ideas for oat free, gluten free, and ideally dairy and egg free breakfasts that are relatively quick to make, I'd love to hear ideas!!!

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