Behind the Scenes in the Penniless Home

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in my home?
Do you wish you could know what goes on behind the scenes of this blog, in my day to day life?

I do lots of interesting, money saving activities nearly every day. I make delicious frugal suppers, do money saving projects, go on foraging trips, homeschooling activities, frugal crafts, and go on frugal shopping trips. Most of those things that I do don't end up making their way onto my blog, either because of lack of time, or because they're interesting, but not deserving of a whole post on their own merit.

If you want to know all these things, and catch a glimpse into my life, perhaps see some pictures that don't end up here, and learning a little more about the ins and outs of an extremely frugal lifestyle...

...Head over to the Penniless Parenting Facebook page and press Like.

I am pretty active on Facebook, and until recently was only active on my personal Facebook page, but lately, I've been revving up the gear on my public Facebook page. There's typically 2 or 3 posts per day on my Facebook page, sometimes more, and we get into discussions there as well. By liking my Facebook page, you'll get to see the updates on your Facebook News Feed, so you'll be notified right away if there is any discussion going on, or any new post up there.

I probably won't be posting my shopping lists here anymore, nor will I post my menu plans, most likely, so if you want to get an idea of how and why to buy certain things, and if you want ideas for frugal meals (especially if you want gluten free), you'll have to catch those things on Facebook. (ETA: After seeing the responses here and seeing that people are interested in these posts and sad if they'd no longer be here--- people, if a post interests you, comment on it, so that way I can see its interesting to you--- that's how I pick up my cues on what is a successful post or not--- these posts will be staying on the blog, but random tidbits may make it to the Facebook first.)

So, watcha waiting for? Go to the Penniless Parenting Facebook page and press Like. I can't wait to have discussions with you over there!

Are you on Facebook much? Are you as addicted to Facebook as I am? How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook?
Are you already a follower on Facebook? Will you miss my menu plans and shopping trip posts?

Penniless Parenting

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