Monday, October 10, 2011

Happenings in My Life

Barring emergencies, I do like to try to have a post for you readers every day, even if I can't write a whole thorough post. Anyhow, I feel less bad doing that when I really have a good reason for not being able to give my full devotion to writing a good post (and I don't want to waste any of my good topics for when my brain isn't functioning at full capacity), and I feel less bad when I just wrote a more in depth good post the day before.
Anyhow, why this whole preamble?
Because this post isn't really to teach anything or to share any frugal ideas; its just some random things happening in my life, whats going on today, etc...

Yesterday, while we were reorganizing and decluttering our small room to turn it into the kid's room, Lee was so excited. We were trying to move furniture to their new place, but Lee just wanted to play in the room, and the room is small enough to begin with, and when we're trying to move furniture there's even less space... Not only that, he brought a friend over to play in the little space while we were desperately trying to get work done. Every few minutes, he'd ask "So, when will you be finished? I want to have my own little room already!!!"

Last night, he was itching to go into the little room for the night, and asked to go to sleep already earlier than his usual bedtime. He went to sleep quickly and easily, and pretty much slept through the night, aside for when Ike woke him up in the middle of the night by crying for me. Ike ended up in my bed for the rest of the night, but Lee slept upstairs the whole night! Yay!!! And as for Ike, I knew the transition would be a little harder for him, as he's younger, but he did surprisingly well for the first time ever in his life sleeping apart from me. I have faith that he'll do fine though, and that he'll be sleeping through the night up there by the time our new addition arrives.

Today, Mike and I spent the day organizing the stuff that we moved from the little room into our own room. We moved the kids clothes out of our room and into their room, and finally, finally, finally, after wearing maternity clothes exclusively for the past few months, I went through my clothes on my shelves and took out my non maternity clothes, and organized my maternity clothes. Better late than never, haha.
Also organized the kid's toys and craft supplies.
Yesterday and today? Today got as high as 93 degrees. Yes, on October 10th. And yes, i'm in the Northern Hemisphere- it's officially autumn here. As if.

Today I went to vist my sister in the hospital. She's been in the hospital for the past 10 days, and desperately wants to go home... but she can't. She can't keep any food or drink down, and can't walk more than a few feet without feeling dizzy and needing to sit down. Its scary to see how incapacitated her severe dehydration is, and its saddening to see how she really wants to go home, but right now the hospital is the place she needs to be.
She'd been able to keep some liquids down, including soup, so I made my sister a really yummy chicken soup with lots of different veggies, and I blended a few pieces of veggies and a little chicken to thicken the soup a drop and add some much needed protein to what she is actually ingesting... but she feels so much worse now than she did before that she wasnt even able to take a sip of the soup I brought her...
I spent a good few hours with her, and my heart really went out to her. If anyone wants to pray for her to get better soon, it would be appreciated.

The one thing I came home with is an appreciation for my health. I may dehydrate easily, I may get dizzy here and there, and I may have had a very difficult first trimester of pregnancy and a moderately difficult second and beginning of third trimester. But I haven't needed an IV. I haven't needed to go to the ER, and I certainly didn't need to be hospitalized for 10 days straight.
Oh, the things we take for granted, like the ability to stand up, to walk a few feet, to spend time with your kids, to sleep in your own bed, etc...

No, I don't have a "real post" today, because I was doing other things today. Like organizing my house and visiting my ill sister.
So yea, that's what's going on in my life today.

What's going on in your life?

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