Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Updates

I think a trap that many bloggers might fall into is that they create their blog, tweak their design, and then they just go and forget about all the design elements in the day to day running of their blog. They just post and post and post and post... and forget that as their blog grows, gets older, and evolves, tweaking needs to be done to the design and all the "behind the scenes" stuff to be able to make visits to the blog as pleasant for the readers as possible by trying to make the blog as user friendly as possible.

Ok, I don't know if that happens to other bloggers, but it certainly happens to me. I get so caught up with the writing of my blog that the technical details get neglected.

For that, I apologize to you readers. I mean, I noticed that the tabs and the static pages were sorely outdated and for the most part, irrelevant, as I hadn't touched them for at least a couple of months, and some not since I first started this blog!!!

Because of that, and because I want a visit to to be as enjoyable for you as it possibly can, and because I want my site to be easier to navigate, I've decided to give the blog an overhaul. Not a complete one- the basic layout will still be the same (so you'll still have the familiar elements), but just improved to make it easier to find things.
Yesterday and today, for example, I've worked on compiling a complete list of all the recipes and am dividing them up into different categories to make it easier for you to find certain things. So far I've included a break down of recipes by region (see tab above), and soon to come is a break down of recipes by type of food, and then another one by the special dietary needs it serves (like gluten free posts, vegan posts, low carb posts, sugar free posts, etc...).
I'm also updating the "About" page, and revamping a whole bunch of other things, so as you check back in over the next few days, you'll probably be able to see these changes taking place.
I also want to create/work on pages to help you navigate my site and help you find specific posts in specific categories that aren't necessarily recipes.

While I'm already working on this, I'm open to suggestions if there are any elements you think I should add or adjust in the page layout, to improve the quality of my site.
I can't promise I'll do whatever it is you suggest. I may not know how to- I'm learning html and things like that on the go, so some things are beyond my capabilities at this point. Or I may not want to for whatever reason. But I'm sure there are many suggestions of yours that I can put into effect, so please, here's your platform.

What things would you like me to add or change with the layout of the blog while I'm currently doing it? And if anyone knows html enough to help me make a drop down menu at the top of my blog, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've tried, with very little success...

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