Keeping Your Kids From Overloading on Sweets This Holiday Season

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Keeping Your Kids From Overloading on Sweets This Holiday Season

Generally, I try to keep the sweets away from my kiddos. I don't like thinking of my children being addicted to sugar like so many others, and I also don't like the way they act after eating so much of it. However, during the holidays, basically from Halloween on, it is a little more difficult to keep my kids away from sweet. In addition to the massive amounts of candy they receive during Halloween, Thanksgiving marks the start of a month of holiday parties and baking extravaganzas that leave them with potential access to cookies, cakes, and even more candies.

Even worse, is that the advertising for such decadent items skyrockets during this time as well.

While researching wedding bands for men online (my husband recently lost his and I feel like an upgrade may make an excellent gift this holiday season), I came across numerous ads for other gifts. I expected to see the hottest gaming consoles and actions figures, but I never expected to see so many adds for sweet stocking stuffers and even for decadent holiday recipes.

It seems that everyone forgets that we have an obesity crisis in America, and that many don't even care that they are putting so much junk in their bodies. So how do you keep your kids from gorging on sweets during the holiday season even though they have access to them at school, friends' homes, and even your home? Monitoring may not be easy, but it can be done.

Pretend like it is Halloween Everyday

Unfortunately, because the sweets are so readily available during the holidays, you have to keep a tentative eye on your kiddos. Treat each day like Halloween, and monitor their sweet consumption. Only allow them to have holiday treat on special occasion, and don't ever let them binge.

Limit Sweets in Your Own Home

If you know that your kids will be getting sweets elsewhere, then don't keep a lot of treats around your own home. This will keep them from getting a double dose while they were out and then again at your home.

Don't Load their Stockings with Sweets

Allowing your kids to have sweets on special occasions is a good idea, but rewarding them with sweets isn't always good. Because Christmas gifts are commonly associated with being rewards for being good all year, you may want to skip out on loading down your kiddos stockings with sweets. Instead, just put a piece or two of their favorite candy in their stocking and fill the rest with fun little toys.

The holidays are full of good eats, but you don't want you or your kids overeating on junk food simply because they can. Instead, continue to monitor their diets to make sure they are getting balanced diets – not ones made up of 90 percent sugar. Sure an occasional treat is good, but an entire month full of them can create lasting bad habits and pounds that no one wants to carry around.

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