Rice and Peas Recipe

I've been feeling kind of icky the past few days. I'm not 100% sure what the cause. Perhaps the flu. Perhaps my body reacting to something I ate. Or perhaps simply its my body telling me that its sick of being pregnant already for 9 months, and itching to get the baby out. Who knows, but I certainly feel awful. Heart burn, nausea, puking, stomach aches, head aches...
But you know, even when you're feeling gross, you've still got to eat. And purchased fast food is neither healthy nor frugal.
And that's why I made this.
It's super easy and quick to make, especially if you make you cook the rice in the pressure cooker. Its mildly flavored, which is exactly what I want when my stomach is acting up, and its soothing on the stomach because of the rice. Not only that, its a lazy complete meal, because peas are both a protein and a veggie, and combined with the rice, you've got a complete protein and a starch... so I get away with making and serving just that, and not feel too guilty. If you're not feeling as gross as I am and want to up the veggie content of this meal some more, add a salad or some other vegetable dish on the side.

Even if you're not a pea lover, I suggest giving this dish a chance. As a kid, I hated peas, but when prepared this way, I didn't just not mind them, I actually loved the dish and would ask my mom to make it again. (Now I love peas, but that's beside the point.)

Rice and Peas Recipe

3-4 cups cooked white or brown rice
2-4 cups frozen peas
1 small onion
3-4 cloves of garlic
2-3 tablespoons oil

1. Dice onions. Saute on a medium heat until golden.

2. Mince garlic. Add to the pan and cook until starting to brown.

3. Add frozen peas and cook until defrosted and warmed.

4. Mix with the cooked rice, and salt and pepper to taste.


P.S. I'm adding another tag of simple and easy recipes/meals so you can easily find dishes like this when you don't feel like complex cooking for whatever reason.

What is your go-to dish when you are feeling under the weather? Are you a pea lover or pea hater or pea neutral?

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