Sardine/Tuna Casserole Recipe- (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

This recipe is one I based off of a recipe from my friend, Josephina. It tastes pretty terrific, is filled with protein of all different types, is full of calcium and many different vitamins and minerals, and in general, packs a powerful kick nutritionally. (Now that I'm dairy free, I'm always looking for a good source of calcium; sardines are a great one.) There's also the added benefit that it's really easy to make, which is why that's what I whipped together to serve my family for lunch.
And oh, did I mention that its gluten free and dairy free (but you can easily make it with gluten and dairy if you're so inclined)? And yea, casserole is a misnomer, as this doesn't require an oven- it's made entirely on the stovetop.

Sardine/Tuna Casserole Recipe

7 cups cooked white rice, brown rice, quinoa, or noodles
1 large onion
3 cloves garlic
1 can of mushrooms with liquid (approximately 1 cup of mushrooms)
1 cup sunflower seeds
2 cups liquid- milk, non dairy milk, veggie broth, or water
2 cans of sardines with liquid or 2 cans of tuna with liquid
2-3 cups green beans or peas
Salt (to taste)

1. Put onion, garlic, sunflower seeds, and mushrooms into a food processor and process until smooth.

2. Add liquid, put in a pot on the stove, and bring to a simmer.

3. Cook until the onion and garlic are fully cooked (you can tell if they are if the sauce looses its sharpness.)

4. Mash the sardines or tuna, and add them with their liquid (whether oil or water) and the rest of the liquid from the recipe to the pot and mix well.

5. Add green beans or peas, and if using frozen, cook until they're defrosted.

6. Salt to taste.

7. Mix with rice, quinoa, or pasta.


P.S. You can replace the sardines or tuna in this recipe with shredded leftover chicken, turkey, or fish.

Do you make tuna casserole ever? What do you put in yours? Do you think you'd try this with sardines?
Does your family enjoy sardines, or is that an "off limits" food in your house?
I need to keep sardines on a high shelf in my house, because my 2 year old, Ike, tries to help himself to cans of sardines, he loves them so much, and since they're flip top, he can really cause trouble with those (not to mention it being exceptionally dangerous!). Which other two year olds love sardines that much that they try to sneak them out of the cupboard when mom isn't looking? :-D

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