Baby in hospital

(NoISorry this is so short. I'm typing on a cell phone. Onv Thursday night my baby was breathing funny and wasn't nursing properly. In the morning she woke up with a dry diaper, I was engorged, and she still wasn't interested in nursing. On top of that she was wheezing, breathing quickly, and coughing funny. I was ready to take her to the ER then but then she nursed time so I thought all was better, but when a few hours later she wouldn't really nurse and only had one small diaper (one wet diaper~ a small one at that~ between 5 pm and 2 pm was very concerning on top of her breathing difficulties, so we went to the doc who suspected pneumonia and was concerned regarding possible dehydration and sent us via ambulance to the er. When we got to the er her oxygen saturation level was 85~ not good~ but they gave her oxygen, then she started to nurse and pee so dehydration wasnt a worry, and shes still wheezing and coughing but her oxygen levels are better so shes not getting oxygen now. They discovered she had a uti so they admitted her to give iv antibiotics. Sshes doing pretty good now, longer post with my thoughts etc when I get a chance (having a hard time figuring out this phone). Because the virus they suspect she has is pretty contagious they put us in isolation so its been pretty relaxing and restful I brought a good long book. Baby is for the most part in a good mood so that helps. Till later, Penny

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