Homemade Healthy Grain Free Tortilla Chips Recipe

 Do you like chips? I know I do... but when I see them being sold in the store, either fried in an unhealthy oil, or made out of ingredients I know are unhealthy or that I am sensitive to, I have second thoughts about buying them, not to mention the expense. I also use these in place of crackers to have with dip or spreads.
They're also the perfect thing to do with leftover crepes.
Did I mention that they're very easy to make?

Homemade Healthy Grain Free Tortilla Chips Recipe

1 batch of gluten free, grain free crepes (you can also use gluten filled crepes if grains or gluten aren't a concern for you)

1. First, make your crepes. You might want to mix in some seasonings, whether an herb blend, garlic, onion powder, paprika, or anything else that suits your fancy, or just add some extra salt.

2. Cut your crepes into wedges and place on a baking tray.

3. Bake until the crepes become hard and brown a little bit. Make sure to remove them as soon as they're partially browned, as they burn very easily.


4. Serve them with your favorite dip. In this picture, I was serving them with guacamole.


Do you like chips? What are your favorite dips for chips? Have you ever made your own tortilla chips before? How have you made them? Do you think this is a recipe you'd try out?

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