Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe- Sugar Free

 I made this really awesome chocolate ice cream last week. Totally vegan, chemical free, soy free, and sugar free. Oh, and did I mention it doesn't require an ice cream maker?
I'm still recovering from Anneliese's hospital stay, so I'm going to keep this short and share a recipe instead of a longer post.
P.S. I know that honey isn't used by vegans. You can leave it out or replace it with another sweetener to make it completely vegan. For me, dairy free and egg free is enough to make this vegan in my mind.
The jury is out on what exactly this tastes like. I think it tastes very similar to the chocolate mousse my sister in law makes, with a small undercurrent of banana flavor, but my husband thinks its very banana tasting. You'll have to decide for yourself. Either way, its a very good and allergy friendly desert that was inhaled by all.

Sugar Free Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

3-4 very ripe avocados.
10-12 very ripe bananas, ideally brown and bruised (I get mine from the reduced rack)
1 cup cocoa powder
3 heaping tablespoons raw honey (or any other sweetener, or leave out)

1. Peel and chop the bananas, then freeze.

2. Once the bananas are solid, blend them up, either in a blender or a food processor until they're completely creamy.

3. Add the rest of the ingredients and process/blend.

4. Either serve immediately as soft serve ice cream, or freeze for a few hours to solidify some more to be like regular ice cream.


Have you ever made avocado in anything sweet? Are you a chocolate or banana lover? Does this seem like something you'd try out?

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  1. I always feel reluctant to use avocado for anything sweet... I've heard of it used as a base for chocolate moose... I really want to try it... just have a psychological block....

  2. I used to feel that way, but then I remembered that avocado is a fruit (hence the pit), and perhaps even a more appropriate fat for desserts than some other common ones, like coconut or peanut butter.


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