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My kids love the computer. I'm not surprised at all, because, after all, mom spends a decent amount of time on the computer each day... My kids are always asking me to use the computer, and I've let them use sites like so that their going on the computer is learning filled and not just time wasting, but I was always looking for more educational and age appropriate sites for them.
This guest post by Nancy Evans, a freelancer who writes about lots of different topics including parenting and money saving, really piqued my interest and I hope you'll enjoy it as well, because the topic is...
Educational sites for kids!

Have you ever wondered why some kids seem to wholeheartedly embrace educational activities like reading, practicing their math facts, doing scientific experiments and more while other kids want seemingly nothing to do with educational activities? If you child falls into the latter group, you may be wondering what you can do to make learning fun for your child. After all, kids who find learning to be fun may ultimately develop a love of learning. Here are some great ways to make learning fun:

Through, your child can improve math skills, reading skills and more on your home computer. This website truly makes learning fun by providing kids with a variety of online computer games they can play. The games can be selected to suit your child's unique skill level, so a child should never become frustrated by working on a lesson that is too difficult for him or her. There are plenty of challenging lessons available as well, ensuring that kids will get the challenge they need but may not be getting in the classroom.

2. is an ideal website that you can use to encourage your younger child to develop a love of reading. The website takes many people books that he or she may find in a school library and puts them online in digital format. The books are generally animated and available in full color. They encourage the development of reading in kids, with some skill levels narrated. The books are categorized by age and reading level, which provides you with the ability to help kids make reading selections that are best suited to their ability.

Your child may have a blast learning on This is a free website that has over two dozen different games your child can play. The games cover topics that range from reading skills and math facts and science. Your child can read popular kids books, funny short stories and comic strips online to practice reading, write his or her own silly mad libs and more. The site is designed to make learning so much fun that kids forget they are learning at all.

Many parents strive to limit their child's time playing games on the computer, but the games and activities on these educational websites are online options that both you and your child can get excited about. In fact, you may encourage your child to play these games on the computer every day.

Do your kids use any of these sites? 
What educational sites do you let your kids use? What would you recommend?

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