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My baby outgrew her 0-3 month clothing, but I wasn't able to really move her to the next size up in clothing, because I didn't have any, other than a few outfits a friend got me as a baby gift. A friend had passed on a few outfits to me as loaners, but even so, I didn't have nearly enough clothes for my baby to wear... but I wasn't looking forward to buying a whole bunch of new outfits, as babies outgrow their clothing sooo quickly; you don't get much use out of them...
I decided to pay a visit to my local thrift store, hoping that I might find something useful there, but at the same time, not really expecting anything either...

Oh boy was I surprised. I can't believe that I hadn't checked it out before! I came back from the thrift store with much, much more than I had hoped for. And it barely cost me a thing- only 10 dollars for the lot! Locally, even one baby outfit can cost more than that, especially nice ones, and instead, I got 40 items of clothing, most of it in perfect condition, for only ten dollars!

I got clothes for the size Anneliese needs now, for the next size up, and a few really nice pieces of clothing in slightly larger sizes. I also got a few pieces of clothing for the boys.

Here's the loot. 10 dollars for the lot!

And a more specific breakdown of what I got:

6 pairs of pants, 4 long, and 2 short, that fit Anneliese now, including one really cute pair of pants.

8 stretchies in size 3-6 months. All in terrific condition, not stained.

5 one piece outfits in size 6-9 months for later on in the summer.

12 undershirts and shirts, that fit her now and will fit for the next little while.

And some larger sized girl's clothes, including 4 dresses, one pair long pants, 2 tee-shirts, and one pair of shorts.

I got one pair of jeans, one pair of sturdy cargo pants, one pair of dress shorts, and one full piece bathing suit for Lee.

Here's my favorite ones-
3 gorgeous jumpers- for an 18 month old girl. I know I'll have to store them for a little bit, but they were so perfect and cute and beautiful that I decided that they're worth the store space.
1 really cute stretchy from Carters that fits her now, perfect condition, and one perfect condition pair of nice pants.

On top of that, while I was looking through the baby clothes, I found a bunch of cute 0-3 month girls clothes. Too small for Anneliese, but the perfect size for her brand new baby cousin, Sarah, daughter of my sister Violet, born a week ago. Violet, who sometimes posts in the comment section of my blog under the screen name "Sister Penniless", is very non natural type, and is in love with epidurals, a choice I respect. She wasn't fully thrilled with my plans to homebirth this time around... and as luck would have it, her baby, Sarah, rushed out so quickly that Violet ended up delivering Sarah herself in a moving vehicle, in the car on the way to the hospital. Violet had given me a bunch of girls baby clothing, which somehow I managed to displace, so I purchased these baby girls clothes for her so she has what to dress her daughter in- a whole bunch of stretchies, a tee-shirt, some nice pants, and an adorable little dress!
(On top of that, I am also passing on all the clothing that Anneliese outgrew that wasn't on loan to me from someone else.)

Anyhow, I was just so thrilled with my thrift store haul that I just wanted to share my score with you readers.

How much do clothes cost at thrift stores near you? As little as the quarter an item I can get locally, or a lot more? (Ok, only baby and small kids' clothes are a quarter, everything else is 50 cents an item.)
How do you get your kid's baby wardrobe? Do you buy new? Buy new on sale? Get hand me downs? Buy at thrift stores? Buy at garage sales?
Do you know anyone who delivered their own baby by accident? Know anyone else who had a car birth?

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  1. I just got a bunch of new things for my son at our local thrift store, but they were around $0.9 a piece, not as little as you managed to get. Still pretty awesome though. I bought 6 pairs of pants for him, two shirts, a skirt and a shirt for me, and 5 or 6 scarves (including a really fancy silk one which alone probably cost at least $30 when it was new), and I paid around $35 for the lot!

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